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Which Patients Can Get the Nanoknife Procedure:

T1 or T2 Stage

Patients who are diagnosed with prostate cancer that is confined within the prostate gland are eligible to undergo the Nanoknife procedure.

Of the patients whose cancer is confined within the prostate gland, the grade should be Gleason Score 6, 7 or 8.

The nature and amount of these types of cancers must be evaluated and our team will determine whether your grade is suitable for the Nanoknife procedure. A prostate MRI is important to perform to determine eligibility of whether you are suitable to undergo the Nanoknife procedure as it will determine the location and size of the tumour. Some tumours that are not visible by the prostate MRI test may still be eligible to undergo the Nanoknife procedure and each patient should be evaluated individually by our team.


In general, your PSA level should be less than 15 ng/mL, but other conditions may affect the PSA level. Your PSA level will be evaluated by our team to determine eligibility.

Patients who have cancer recurrence after radiation therapy

are also eligible for the Nanoknife procedure. This is termed “Salvage” treatment and the Nanoknife procedure provides effective cancer control without the large amount of side effects that are associated with other treatments such as surgery which is much harder to perform due to the collateral damage of adjacent organs from radiation effects.